• Help to identify leaks within the building using non-destructive testing methods
  • Find leak more quickly and with less damage to interior
  • Help to identify missing insulation in walls
  • Can identify possible structural issues (CMU block)
  • Can help to identify shorts in wiring
  • Can help to identify bearings or bushings in heavy equipment near failure

leak detection & Infrared surveys

Leak detection and infrared surveys help Associations find water intrusion before major damage can occur. O&A provides these services to Associations through the Continuing Engineering Services and an as need basis. Infrared surveys are provided at the request of the Association and can be used to determine the source of moisture or air leaks, missing insulation, moisture beneath the roof membrane of low-slope roofs, as well as other miscellaneous uses.  The use of this advanced infrared technology is a non-destructive method of investigation which can be used to determine moisture within the wall, ceiling, or floor systems.  Infrared technology can also be used to identify certain structural issues as well as mechanical and electrical issues without damaging existing building components. The infrared technology can provide critical results for the Association to assess the current building conditions.