• Provide an extensive Annual Inspection Report for the Association
  • Anomalies identified on a regular basis and recommendations for repairs
  • Help Associations identify problems that can be fixed in-house and those that require a contractor
  • Provide photographic evidence and location description of anomalies
  • Extend the life of building components
  • Enhance the overall quality of the building




annual condition survey

An Annual Condition Survey is a visual inspection of the exterior building envelope components each year.  A report will be provided outlining any anomalies observed with recommendations for repairs.  Information and observations obtained during the Annual Condition Survey will be used to determine the estimated useful service life remaining, which will be used as part of the Reserve Study. The Annual Condition Survey can assess current visual concerns of the Association or Community Association Manager.  The Annual Condition Survey includes an in-depth written report, breakdown of anomalies found onsite, recommendations for repairs, and pictures of the anomalies to convey what was found onsite.