waterproofing and restoration team

Neill O’Connell, P.E.

Principal senior engineer

Mr. O’Connell has been practicing civil and structural engineering design and construction since his graduation from college in 1999.  His civil design experience includes the design of residential and commercial stormwater management systems, roadways, municipal water and sewer utilities, planning, permitting and construction.  His structural experience includes the design of low, mid and high-rise structures utilizing a wide variety of construction materials and the forensic analysis of critical building components associated with existing buildings.

Betsy Smith, P.E.

vice president, waterproofing and restoration 

Ms. Smith has been practicing building envelope science, engineering, and construction since her graduation from college in 2007.  She is experienced in the design and analysis roof coverings, exterior waterproofing, leak testing and several other aspects of building envelope design and evaluation.  Ms. Smith has participated in and directed numerous forensic investigations, field tests and building envelope system designs.  Mrs. Smith is certified in the development of construction bid documents and technical specifications for both new and restoration construction projects.  Ms. Smith also specializes in leak investigations using infrared technology, a tool used to assist in identifying deficiencies in exterior waterproofing systems.

Melody Mcpherson

Operations manager

Ms. Mcpherson has been working in the fields of customer service, office management, bookkeeping and accounting since 1989. She began her career in the banking industry and from there advanced in to office management positions and then on to accounting/operations management. Melody has extensive experience in accounts payable, account receivable, payroll, payroll tax, business license management, benefit administration and operations management.

rob darden

project engineer

Prior to graduating from Auburn University in 2019 with a degree in Biosystems Engineering, Mr. Darden served as a Junior Environmental Engineer Research Assistant under the technical direction of a PhD candidate in the Auburn University Biosystems Engineering department on a research project with the objective being to create a 3D-printed custom substratum for fast responses on microbial colonization and function.  Mr. Darden was involved in the design and construction of the 3D printed substratum that served as an environment to maximize the growth of microbial organisms that have the ability to remediate the ammonia levels in bodies of water.  After graduating in May 2019, Mr. Darden participated in a 12-week training program with AgPro Companies in which he gained valuable business management experience. 


brandi ryles-waller, cam

Project Manager

Mrs. Ryles-Waller has been involved with condominium and homeowner associations since becoming a Licensed Community Association Manager in 2005. Her association management experience helped her obtain working knowledge of building systems and allowed her the opportunity to oversee the development and implementation of management tools including building envelope reports, building maintenance plans, and reserve studies. Her multiple building refurbishment project experience sharpened her attention to detail, strengthened communication between owners and contractors, and helped her develop commercial construction knowledge.

caleb Alexander, cmit

project manager

Prior to graduating from the University of West Florida in the Spring of 2017, Mr. Alexander spent several years working in residential construction. His early experience working for a building contractor included interpreting design drawings and implementing the design through daily construction activities. Caleb also worked for Orange Theory Fitness in Destin, Florida, acting as the owner’s representative during the new construction projects, during which time he obtained valuable knowledge in coordination for various schedules, conducting inspections, and reviewing construction documents.

Joseph Coleman

Project manager

Prior to graduating from the University of West Florida in Spring 2018 with a degree in Business Administration, Mr. Coleman spent several years working on a broad variety of residential and commercial construction projects, during which time he performed tasks ranging from horizontal site work to finishing building interiors. Joseph’s past and current experience includes construction team scheduling and coordination, interpreting and implementing construction documents, QA/QC inspections and performing general project supervision. Mr. Coleman is also certified in an assortment of construction safety practices.